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Yaowawit School and Lodge in Kapong, Phang Nga

Destination: PhangNga

The wonderful nature adventure Province -- just waking up

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Yaowawit School and Lodge

This boarding school for children of socially disadvantaged background is highly recommended for a visit.
It is 45 km to the east of Khao Lak in a beautiful rural landscape next to pristine jungle.
With the beautiful bungalows in the school compound and all the activities they offer for active tourists this is a destination not to be missed for socially interested tourists.
An unusual accommodation with excellent communication and well-feeling
Yaowawit Lodge - Accommodation
6 rooms  from 1,200 to 1,500 Baht
Tel.: 082-2838355
A school is for learning
A boarding school for socially deprived children is also for living
Teachers from Thailand and abroad are living here too
You are welcome to join them all and book one of the 6 comfortable bungalows with aircon and bathroom

Enjoy the calmness and relaxation in a tropical scenery

And discover authentic thai villages and hidden secrets by exploring the neighbourhood

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