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Khao Lak 25 -- The Museum for 25 Years of Friendship

Destination: KhaoLak

Beautiful beaches close to tropical nature among very friendly people

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The Museum Khao Lak 25 is under development by the initiators Franky, Richard and Tony in order to commemorate Khao Lak's 25th anniversary. The museum is situated in Bang Niang between Honda and TMB Bank, opposite of the Saxophone Cafe.
The museum will show the history of tourism in the Khao Lak region. Many hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, dive centers and other businesses of Khao Lak will display their history since the year 1987, when the first tourist business, the Khao Lak Bungalows, was opened in Khao Lak. Other historical artifacts, maps, pictures and documents will also be presented in the 50 square meter exhibition room. 
In a separate room on the upper floor the Tsunami Exhibition honors the efforts of the Khao Lak people and their friends to reconstruct Khao Lak in the year following the disastrous Tsunami of December 2004. Original documents show the help of the true friends of Khao Lak, help by means of donations for specific Tsunami victims and by goods that alleviated the severe pain of effected Khao Lak residents. 
The museum guides can give explanations in Thai and English. They also sell water and soft drinks. At a counter in front of the museum competent staff gives information about the many attractions in the Khao Lak area. They can also arrange a taxi for visiting Tsunami related memorials and other attractions. 
Entrance fee is 25 Baht only for the Khao Lak 25 Exhibition and another 75 Baht for the Tsunami Exhibition. 
Dear Khao Lak Friends, 
Please help us to find good exhibits for the Khao Lak Museum. 
We need pictures from the first 10 years of Khao Lak, for example pictures of the beach restaurants and Tarzan's Beach Bar. But also pictures, maps, tickets, bills from the resorts and dive shops. 
We need also more pictures about the reconstruction of the resorts and shops in the year after the tsunami. Maybe you have even a video about the work after the Tsunami. 
I will publish here the address where to send the documents as soon as the museum rooms will be renovated. 
The Exhibition "Khao Lak 25"
Khao Lak 25 - Services
Khao Lak 25 (BangNiang)

Closed in the Green Season

Phetkasem Road, Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190

Here you can meet the Initiators of "Khao Lak 25"
Holiday Homes
Sita Garden - Accommodation
6 rooms  from 1,600 to 2,800 Baht
Tel.: 0878966154
Music Bar
Saxophone Cafe - Entertainment
Tel.: 081-2739279
Saxophone Cafe (แซ็กโซโฟน คาเฟ่) (BangNiang)

"Wanted: Musicians and Artists! The Saxophone Cafe, situated in Bang Niang beside the Tsunami Museum, offers young artists and musicians, to produce their skills in spontaneous or planned sessions, presentations or events. Musicians are invited, to meet in the evening from 8 pm for spontaneous jam sessions. Painters, photographers, or video artists can exhibit their products in the Saxophone Cafe or show their portfolios. Please contact Franky directly at 081-2739279 or by mail to:"

Phetkasem Road, Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 081-2739279

Sports Bar
OConnors Sports Bar - Entertainment
Tel.: 087-8283976
OConnors Sports Bar (KhaoLakTown)

The former dive instructor Sven (aka Seven) has moved his sports bar to a new location in Nang Thong. Besides draft Weihenstephaner, the place is famous for Sven's Currywurst. The football fans of FC Bayern Munich (German football club) come together to watch the live German Bundesliga matches on two large TV screens. In the evenings many German expats and their friends meet in this open-air bar with its comfortable bamboo furniture, just to have a nice chat and to talk about what is happening in the world.
The place can easily be recognized by Sven's car which is painted in the Bavarian state colors (blue and white).

Petchkasem Road, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 087-8283976

Tony Lodge - Accommodation
26 rooms  from 900 to 1,700 Baht
Tel.: 076-443500 or 076-486473
Tony Lodge (โทนี่ ลอร์ด) (BangNiang)
High Season Rates: 900 to 1,700 Baht
Green Season Rates: 900 to 900 Baht

The energetic young enterpreneur Tony has built three exceptional resorts in Khao Lak. All three of them are located on Petchkasem Highway. Tony Lodge is called the Hip Hotel by Tony and it is built in a rustic style with old bricks, that were once burnt inside the kilns of charcoal piles for many years. Not one stone is the same and every one could tell a long story, something about elves and fairies – a unique ambiente. Regarding the reasonably priced room rate of 1200 Baht, the rooms are well furnished and fully equipped with air-conditioning, hot water, TV and internet. The receptionist speaks English very well (the lady who was there in April 2011). Tony Lodge is very quiet, even though it is located on the highway. The reason for that could be its solid construction, therefore Tony Lodge is not the right place for those who do not like clinkers or natural materials. A free shuttle service to nearby Khaolak Beach is offered. Guests can also use the swimming pool at Motive Cottage (20 metres from the Hotel). The special room rate of 900 Baht for 2 people including breakfast applies from April to October.

6/27 Moo 5, Petchkasem Road, Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-443500 or 076-486473 - Fax.: 076-486789

Sponsors and Supporters of "Khao Lak 25" (from north to south)
Cousin Resort - Accommodation
25 rooms  from 1,200 to 1,800 Baht
Tel.: 076-486680-1 or 081-4532733
Cousin Resort (คัชชึ่น รีสอร์ท) (BangNiangBeach)
High Season Rates: 1,200 to 1,800 Baht
Green Season Rates: 750 to 1,750 Baht

The Cousin Resort has 26 clean rooms in modern single bungalows and double bungalows with fan and air-conditioning (ranging from 1500 to 1700 Baht) as well as rooms in a row house with (1500 Baht) and two family houses (3500 Baht), extra bed 500 Baht. Internet, restaurant, clean pool, friendly management by Saeng and Sun. The owners can arrange rental of houses in the village and of family bungalows on the island Ko Kho Khao. An especially nice complimentary note from a recent guest: "The vacation was a dream. We had already heard good reports about Cousin Resort and our expectations have come true, a wonderful small informal arrangement with great staff. Also both our little ones have enjoyed Khao Lak very much, above all was the unbelievable fondness the Thais have for children." Mrs. S.H.." Mrs. S.H.

56/12 Moo 5, Khuk Khak Takua Pa Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486680-1 or 081-4532733 - Fax.: 076-486679

Chong Fah Beach Resort - Accommodation
30 rooms  from 6,000 to 10,300 Baht
Tel.: 076-486858-61
Chong Fah Beach Resort (ช่องฟ้า บีช รีสอร์ท) (BangNiangBeach)
Rates: 6,000 to 10,300 Baht

Chong Fah Khao Lak Resort is a private beachfront hotel located directly on the sandy Bang Niang Beach adjacent to Sita Garden and the t-Globe Service Point. The Resort offers 16 rooms in 4 double storey buildings and 14 rooms in 7 double bungalows. The 8 beachfront rooms have direct and uninterrupted sea views. The Resort features a middle class restaurant and a swimming pool with black tiles, both overlooking the sea. Due to the best location at Bang Niang Beach, the well-trained staff and the family atmosphere the Chong Fah Resort has twice gained an Award by In the green season rates are 3500 to 6000 Baht. Peak season surcharge is 1500 Baht.

54/1 Moo 5, Khuk Khak Takua Pa Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486858-61 - Fax.: 076-486857

Monochrome - Accommodation
70 rooms  from 3,000 to 5,000 Baht
Tel.: 081-8953306
Monochrome Thailand (โมโนโครม ) (BangNiangBeachRoad)
Rates: 3,000 to 5,000 Baht

Monochrome Thailand is a beautiful new hotel beside the road leading to Ramada Resort, not far from Pinocchio Pizzeria. It belongs to the group of hotels owned by Tony. The hotel buildings have 3 floors. The hotel goes into full operation on December 1, 2012.

Here the opening promotion text by the hotel management:
"Expect the Unexpected, a new, uniquely designed contemporary hotel in Khao Lak, inspired by homogeneous and monochrome tonal conceptual designs. Monochrome Resort prides itself on pragmatic uses of strong shapes and form, the selection of new and unique materials, comprising the interplay of exotic and contemporary classic interior design, and featuring custom-built detailed furniture. Monochrome is Khao Lak accommodation at it’s most stylish."
"Monochrome Resort (sister’s hotel of Tony Lodge, Motive Cottage and Khaolak Youth Club) is specific as lovers and couple’s resort. Gays and Lesbians friendly are most welcome with special offer, honeymooners as well."

Khaolak Charm Paradise Co., Ltd. 67/238 Moo 5, Ramada Road, Soi Pak Klong Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 081-8953306

Lah Own Khaolak Resort - Accommodation
45 rooms  from 2,250 to 3,950 Baht
Tel.: 076-485481 or 076-485482
Thai Food Restaurant
Jai Restaurant - Restaurants
Tel.: 076-485390 or 089-7287250
Jai Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร ใจ) (KhaoLakTown)

Jai Restaurant offers Thai food; bungalows are available as well.

5/1 Moo 7, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485390 or 089-7287250

Krathom Khao Lak Resort - Accommodation
25 rooms  from 800 to 1,600 Baht
Tel.: 076-485149 or 089-8682034
Tarzan Bar - Entertainment
Tel.: 084-1893790
Tarzan Bar (ทาร์ซาน บาร์) (KhaoLakTown)

Tarzan Bar was the first bar in Khao Lak in the early nineties. It was situated among the beach restaurants right on the beach. Like the restaurants Tarzan Bar had to move to the main road and eke out a living there. Still today it is fairly popular.

Phetkasem Road, Khao Lak Center, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 084-1893790

Green Beach Resort - Accommodation
47 rooms  from 1,400 to 2,300 Baht
Tel.: 076-485845 or 076-485846
Khaolak Green Beach (เขาหลัก กรีนบีช) (NangThongBeach)
High Season Rates: 1,400 to 2,300 Baht
Green Season Rates: 700 to 1,150 Baht

Blending into the surrounding environment the Green Beach Resort has a small lake and tall, up to 500 year-old, trees. Next to the beach and the lake there are 25 well built single bungalows, some having panoramic views of the sea. There are 6 larger double bungalows in the garden, each having 2 rooms with a connecting door, and 5 very peaceful bungalows further back in the garden. Bungalows have wooden floors, rattan walls, bamboo furniture. Deluxe rooms have outdoor showers. Friendly staff.
Suitable for both individual travellers and families. The owners try hard to ensure that their guests have an enjoyable vacation. Half room rates in the Green Season. Single guests get 200 Baht discount on the room rate. Tourists who don't like bamboo and other natural materials probably won't like the Green Beach Resort.

13/51 Moo 7, Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485845 or 076-485846 - Fax.: 076-485347

Nang Thong Bay Resort - Accommodation
79 rooms  from 2,000 to 3,000 Baht
Tel.: 076-485088-9
Nang Thong Bay Resort (นางทองเบย์ รีสอร์ท) (NangThongBeach)
High Season Rates: 2,000 to 3,000 Baht
Green Season Rates: 800 to 1,500 Baht

The Nang Thong Bay Resort is set in a natural environment, even with a brook running through it! This is an extremely attractive setting. There are 25 single bungalows with aircon and 24 spacious, comfortable rooms and family rooms in new apartment buildings plus 30 rooms in the Seaview House (with the 2nd and 3rd floor having the best sea view). English-speaking management, beachside restaurant and swimming pool, outdoor garden showers, decks with sun chairs. They have their own beach area. Many guests return every year. Independent alarm system with 24-hour security.

13/3 Moo 7, Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485088-9 - Fax.: 076-485090

Khaolak Scuba Adventures - Services
Tel.: 076-485602 or 083-6379191
Khaolak Scuba Adventures (เขาหลัก สคูบ้า อัดเว็นเชอส์) (KhaoLakTown)

Khaolak Scuba Adventures serve Scuba Diving or Snorkeling to the Similan Islands and beyond. They offer programs such as live-aboards on Manta Queen 1 & 2, Day Trips & Individual Overnight Trips. All PADI Courses are available in multiple languages. Specialities are snorkeling day trips & overnight trips, as well as TEC Diving & rebreather Diving.
Khaolak Scuba Adventures also have flexible packages and live-aboard schedules to suit any holiday requirement. The new, custom built boat The Manta Queen 3 is waiting at the Similan Islands for those with limited time. Transfer is by speed boat from Thap Lamu pier.

13/47 Moo 7, Phetkasem Road, Nang Thong, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485602 or 083-6379191 - Fax.: 076-485607

Travel Agency
Eco Khaolak Adventure - Services
Tel.: 076-485586 or 087-2642669
Eco Khaolak Adventure (อีโก้ เขาหลัก อัดเว็นเชอร์ ) (KhaoLakTown)

Eco Khaolak Adventure is a long-standing tour company in Khao Lak. Khun Kwanna, the owner, is continuously researching new attractions for her customers who are mostly package tourists from various tour operators.

6/63 Moo 7, Khao Lak Grand Plaza Building, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485586 or 087-2642669 - Fax.: 076-485587

Ruan Thai Kitchen - Restaurants
Tel.: 080-7128433 or 081-6760184
Not Rated
Ruan Thai Kitchen (เรือนไทย ) (MerlinBeach)

Lam Kaen, Phang Nga 82210
Tel.: 080-7128433 or 081-6760184

Baan Sunetra - Accommodation
8 rooms  from 3,000 to 3,500 Baht
Tel.: 076-484602 or 084-8442018
Baan Sunetra (บ้าน สุเนตรา) (MerlinBeach)
Rates: 3,000 to 3,500 Baht
Closed in the Green Season

The Baan Sunetra at Merlin Beach is a resort for real dog lovers. All other human beings might be frightened by the over 30 dogs that Nid, the owner, takes care of. The restaurant at Baan Suntra is a delight: excellent dishes right at the beach with sunset view for very attractive prices, just 90 to 100 Baht for most dishes.

Petchkasem Road, Lam Kean, Thai Mueang, Phang Nga 82210
Tel.: 076-484602 or 084-8442018 - Fax.: 076-484601

Diamond Beach Resort - Accommodation
86 rooms  from 4,900 to 9,300 Baht
Tel.: 076-584600
Not Rated
Diamond Beach Resort (ไดมอนบีชรีสอร์ท แอนด์สปา) (MerlinBeach)
High Season Rates: 4,900 to 9,300 Baht
Green Season Rates: 1,900 to 4,500 Baht

7/3 Moo 2, Lam Kaen, Thai Mueang, Phang Nga 82210
Tel.: 076-584600 - Fax.: 076-595335

Merlin Resort - Accommodation
200 rooms  from 4,000 to 7,500 Baht
Tel.: 076-428300 or 076-595300
Khaolak Merlin Resort (เขาหลักเมอร์ลิน รีสอร์ท) (MerlinBeach)
High Season Rates: 4,000 to 7,500 Baht
Green Season Rates: 2,400 to 4,500 Baht

This big resort offers tastefully decorated rooms, some with direct pool access. All are equipped with aircons, balconies. There are plenty of facilities: swimming pools, spa, beauty salon, game room, currency exchange, restaurant and bar (beachfront terrace, lobby lounge).

7/7 Moo 2, Lam Kaen, Thai Mueang, Phang Nga 82210
Tel.: 076-428300 or 076-595300 - Fax.: 076-443200

More Supporters
Thai Life Home Stay Resort - Accommodation
20 rooms  from 800 to 4,000 Baht
Tel.: 081-8120388 or 081-9784388
Thai Life Home Stay Resort (ไทยไลฟ์ โฮมสเตย์ รีสอร์ท) (BangMuang)
Rates: 800 to 4,000 Baht

Thai Life Homestay Resort and Spa features very special holiday houses. Khun Maneerat, the owner, wants to make tourists acquainted with Thai lifestyle in the countryside. The small and beautiful resort is situated at the edge of a cashew plantation, 1 km from the beach. The 20 bungalows are built in central Thailand style on high stilts and they are equipped with all 4-star amenities, including a kitchenette and a large bathroom. One house is a double bungalow where the two units are connected by doors from the kitchenette. From the terraces there is a magnificent view over a lake to the sea. All bungalows are situated in a vegetable garden, where typical Thai vegetables were planted by the owner and her staff.
A coffee shop serves breakfast (included in the room rate) and also small meals à la carte. Salas at the lakeside invite for relaxing. An exclusive spa belongs to the premises.
There are 4 newly built bamboo bungalows at the lakeside with very beautiful views for 800 Baht.
An extra bed costs 150 Baht per night.
Another email

Thai Life Homestay Resort & Spa, Ban Nam Khem, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 081-8120388 or 081-9784388

Khaolak Seaview Resort - Accommodation
197 rooms  from 4,600 to 22,000 Baht
Tel.: 076-429817-8 or 076-429800
Khaolak Seaview Resort and Spa (เขาหลักซีวิว รีสอร์ท แอนด์สปา) (NangThongBeach)
Rates: 4,600 to 22,000 Baht

The Khaolak Seaview Resort and Spa consists of 197 luxury rooms and pool villas. All are modernly designed and equipped with all amenities such as bathroom with bathtub and jacuzzi in some rooms. The resort is a good choice for romantic holidays.
The facilities include swimming pool, spa, conference room, restaurant, tennis court, gym and internet.

18/1 Moo 7, Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-429817-8 or 076-429800 - Fax.: 076-429819

Orchid - Accommodation
54 rooms  from 4,500 to 9,000 Baht
Tel.: 076-486141-3
Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort (เขาหลักออร์คิด บีช รีสอร์ท) (KhukKhak)
High Season Rates: 4,500 to 9,000 Baht
Green Season Rates: 1,500 to 3,500 Baht

61 Moo 3, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486141-3 - Fax.: 076-486221

Khaolak Sunset Resort - Accommodation
65 rooms  from 2,800 to 4,500 Baht
Tel.: 076-485075-7
Khaolak Sunset Resort (เขาหลักซันเซ็ท รีสอร์ท) (KhaoLakSunsetBeach)
Rates: 2,800 to 4,500 Baht
Closed in the Green Season

Khaolak Sunset Resort is located on Sunset Beach, having an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers and rooms with a private balcony. Free private parking is available.
The air-conditioned rooms decor in Thai style furnishings, include satellite TV, tea and coffee maker.
Safety box, private bath room of hot and cold shower is provide. A seafood restaurant serves fresh food and international dishes. The hotel also has massage and conference room.

26/7 Moo 7, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485075-7 - Fax.: 076-485147

Amsterdam Resort - Accommodation
15 rooms  from 600 to 1,100 Baht
Tel.: 076-486634 or 081-8575881
Amsterdam Resort (อัมสเตอร์ดัม รีสอร์ท) (BangNiangBeach)
High Season Rates: 600 to 1,100 Baht
Green Season Rates: 500 to 600 Baht

The Amsterdam Resort offers a variety of different bungalows and rooms, all of them come with private bathroom. The restaurant is located upstairs in the main building, it is opened all day. The service includes internet (1 Baht/minute), free Wi-Fi for guests, travel agency, motorcycle, bicycle and car rental. The restaurant is closed during low season (May to October) and only bungalows with fan or air-conditioning are available (500/600 Baht).

56/6 Moo 5, Bang Niang Soi 3, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486634 or 081-8575881 - Fax.: 076-486634

Khaolak Laguna - Accommodation
150 rooms  from 5,700 to 7,900 Baht
Tel.: 076-485200-2 or 081-8933732
Khaolak Laguna Resort (เขาหลักลากูน่า รีสอร์ท) (NangThongBeach)
High Season Rates: 5,700 to 7,900 Baht
Green Season Rates: 2,300 to 2,800 Baht

The Khaolak Laguna Resort is located in the coastal area of Khao Lak. The resort features a spectacular outdoor swimming pool and luxurious accommodation with private balconies, free WiFi and private car park.
The spacious rooms come with air-conditioning, tea & coffee maker, minibar, modern bathrooms with bathtub and marble sink.
Chiva Spa offers massage treatments, sauna and jacuzzi, a well-equipped fitness centre is available for work-outs. A children’s playground and a tour counter are provided.
Also having the beachfront Oriental Restaurant which serves International and local Thai dishes. Room service is available.

26/8 Moo 7, Petchkasem Road, Khao Lak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485200-2 or 081-8933732 - Fax.: 076-4852003

Jasmin Resort - Accommodation
18 rooms  from 1,750 Baht
Tel.: 076-486695-6 or 081-8933732
Jasmin Resort (จัสมิน รีสอร์ท) (BangNiangBeach)
Rates: 1,750 Baht

The Jasmin Resort lies in Soi 2, 250 m from the beach. 18 rooms are located in 9 concrete double bungalows, they are large, pretty and well equipped with fan or air-conditioning, set in a beautiful lush tropical garden. Restaurant with very good breakfast. Thai-Swiss management by Mukda and Paul. Other phone no: 076-485200-2, 089-8715865.

53/9 Moo 5, Khuk Khak Takau Pa Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486695-6 or 081-8933732 - Fax.: 076-486876

Thai Restaurant
Takieng Restaurant - Restaurants
Tel.: 086-9527693
Takieng Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร ตะเกียง) (BangNiang)

Takieng Restaurant is situated next to the police-boat Tsunami Memorial in Bang Niang. They serve authentic Thai food, including tom yam and seafood. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the staff very friendly. The owner is from Uttaradit in the north, so many dishes have a touch of northern food.

Petchkasem Road Bang Niang Takua Pa, Phang Nga
Tel.: 086-9527693

Japanese Restaurant
Enzo Japanese Restaurant - Restaurants
Tel.: 076-486671
Enzo Japanese Restaurant (ร้้านอาหารญี่ปุ่น เอ็นโซะ) (BangNiangBeachRoad)

The new Japanese Restaurant Enzo on Bang Niang Beach Road offers fresh, healthy and organic dishes prepared by a Japanese chef. The taste and quality of all tested dishes was exceptional, some of them rather bland so that the traditional horseradish mixed in soy sauce comes in handy to add some sting to the taste. According to Japanese tradition single dishes are fairly miniscule so that for a tourist appetite 3 or 4 dishes should be ordered per person. We would suggest to sample a few dishes as appetizers before heading on to a Thai restaurant. Prices are relatively high as it is common for restaurants in Japan. The atmosphere makes up, though, for the price paid.
When booking a table in advance free one-way taxi service is provided.

Bang Niang Beach Road, Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-486671

Thai Restaurant
Rabeang Restaurant and Bar - Restaurants
Rabeang Restaurant and Bar (ร้านอาหารและบาร์ ระเบียง ) (BangNiangBeachRoad)

Rabeang Restaurant is a very popular Thai restaurant with western flair at the quiet end of Jerung Street. The illustrated menu with photos of all dishes offers a large and interesting choice, many vegetarian dishes, steaks (250 Baht, among others duck steak) with a sauce of your choice, and cocktails from 120 Baht. Very generous portions, beautifully presented and artistically decorated. Fresh fruits are served complimentary for dessert. Upper price range. Inside partially exclusive wooden furnishing, while the open air area is only equipped with plastic tables. Very busy place! The female owner takes very good care of her customers and recognizes each one even if they come back the first time after two years and surprises them with their favorite drink.

Bang Niang Beach Road, Khuk Khak, Takua Pa, Phang Nga 82190

Thai Food Restaurant
Noms Family Restaurant - Restaurants
Tel.: 076-485277 or 084-1845945
Thai Food Restaurant
Somsri Restaurant - Restaurants
Cafe & Restaurant
Discovery Cafe - Restaurants
Tel.: 076-485082 or 081-4256236
Not Rated
Scandinavian Restaurant
Viking Steakhouse - Restaurants
Tel.: 086-5950617 or 081-8955250
Viking Steakhouse (ไวกิ้ง สเต็กเฮ้าส์) (KhaoLakTown)

4/12 Moo 7, Phetkasem Road, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 086-5950617 or 081-8955250 - Fax.: 076-486431

Steak House
Joes Steakhouse - Restaurants
Tel.: 087-8936833
Joes Steakhouse (โจ สเต็กเฮาส์) (BangNiangBeach)

Joes Steakhouse is one of the most famous restaurants in Khao Lak because the owner, Ludwig Hugsam, was featured on various TV stations in Europe and became so popular that the feature is repeated every year or so.
His steak house is full every evening due to the excellent quality of the steaks and all other dishes that he prepares personally. The side orders like German noodles taste like the originals. Of course the salads are of excellent quality, too, and they are truely safe to eat.
To go to Joes Steakhouse at Bang Niang Beach not in vain, please reserve your table in advance. If you happen to stay until after 10 pm, you may be lucky to meet Ludwig personally, who happens to be one of the great characters in Khao Lak.

56 Moo 5, Bang Niang Beach, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 087-8936833

Piranha Bar - Entertainment
Piranha Bar (ปิรัญญาบาร์) (BangNiangBeachRoad)

The oldest bar in Bang Niang is the Piranha Bar of Mr. Pak at Bang Niang Beach Road. Mr. Pak is a great entertainer and gets his bar full almost every night. Guests can enjoy his mixed drinks at the bar counter or at tables made from rustic wood. The music is tuned to a medium level such that conversations are possible and new friends can be made.

Chai Hat Bang Niang Road, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190

Live Music
Degree Bar - Entertainment
Tel.: 087-9161005
Degree Bar (ดีกรี บาร์) (BangNiang)

Die fünf- bis sechs-köpfige Band von Num in der Degree Bar spielt für meine laienhaften Ansprüche den besten Thai Rock in ganz Thailand. Erst ab 23 Uhr füllt sich der zur Strasse offene Laden so richtig. An manchen Abenden gehen die Thais mit, dass sich die Tische biegen. Vor allem Frauen jeden Alters tanzen zu den Stücken von Carabao und Job to do, dass der Boden bebt. Da lassen sich sogar die paar alternden Farangs anstecken und tanzen sich in Schweiss. Mit wenigen Baht fuer ein Sprite und einen Teller geröstete Cashews kann man ein paar tolle Stunden erleben. Pünktlich um 2 Uhr nachts wird aufgehört, was die Musiker auch brauchen, die sich da fast ohne Pause in Hochform spielen.
Immer mal wieder sind Gast-Musiker aus anderen Orten Thailands da und bringen einen anderen Sound mit, mal zum Guten, mal eher zum Abwinken. Auch Farangs, die eigentlich ganz bieder aussahen, haben schon mal die Instrumente und den Saal in Stimmung gebracht.
Sollte es mal an einem Abend nicht so funken -- macht nix, einfach wieder kommen.
Hier habe ich noch nie einen Fight erlebt und noch nie Betrunkene die Stimmung verderben gesehen. Auch Gatoeys sieht man hier nie. Allerdings auch nur ganz wenige Touristen, die in Khao Lak eben um diese Zeit schon in der Heia liegen.

Petchkasem Road, Bang Niang, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 087-9161005

Music Bar
Happy Snapper Bar - Entertainment
Tel.: 076-485540
Happy Snapper Bar (แฮปปี้ สแนปเปอร์ บาร์) (KhaoLakTown)

Late-night live music bar.

5/2 Moo 6, Phetkasem Road, Khao Lak Town, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485540

Sea Dragon - Services
Tel.: 076-485420
Sea Dragon Dive Center (ซีดราก้อน ไดว์ เซ็นเตอร์) (KhaoLakTown)

This is long established dive operator. Here you can take dive courses( discover diving, open water, rescue, dive master), trips to Similan Islands. Operator with good reputation.

5/51 Moo 7, Petchkasem Road, Khao Lak, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 076-485420 - Fax.: 076-485418

Travel Agency
Ariane Lambrecht - Services
Tel.: 081-0890170
Not Rated
Travel Agency
Khao Lak Land Discovery - Services
Tel.: 076-485865-6 or 081-8935314
text here
cards here
Biker Bar - Entertainment
Tel.: 081-7727073 or 083-1823066
Not Rated
Biker Bar (ไบเกอร์ บาร์) (KhaoLakTown)

The Biker Bar is situated by the main Road on the right hand side, going north, a few houses after the Siam Bank. It is decorated in dark rustic wood, and has a pool table.
The bar is mainly frequented by Dutch and German speaking guests, who know each other and return year after year.
They have a large selection of big and small bikes for rent.

Phetkasem Road, Khao Lak Town, Phang Nga 82190
Tel.: 081-7727073 or 083-1823066

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