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Saeng Thong Waterfall near Kapong

Destination: Kapong

A traditional Village in pristine Jungle

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Route description from Yaowawit School

Take the dirt road to leave the school, at the end turn right on the road.

Take the first right turn almost opposite the entrance of the hospital.

Follow this road until the end during the way it turns into a dirt road, and you will cross a total of three bridges.

The end of the road is a small open area with in front of you a river.

The waterfalls are on your right.
There are two ways of getting to the waterfalls. 

1)    Cross the river and walk along the hill and turn right when you can hear the waterfall right next to you.
2)    You cross the river and follow the trail right next to the river.

Both these options will get you to the first waterfall.

After this you just have to walk upstream to get to two more waterfalls.

In case the water is not flowing too fast you can swim back from the first waterfall. 
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