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The Giant Flower Bua Phut (Rafflesia kerrii)

Destination: PhangNga

The wonderful nature adventure Province -- just waking up

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Mr.T: The giant Rafflesia is one of the true "Wonders of Nature" in Thailand
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Bua Phut (Rafflesia kerrii) is a plant species with the world’s largest flower of approximately 80 centimeters in diameter. The plant grows as a parasite on the root of a vine known as Yan Kai Tom. Its flower has 5 reddish brown petals. It is rare and to be found only in a fertile forest.
Recently it was discovered that this rare plant grows in Phang Nga province in at least five locations:
- Tone Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary (xx km from Phang Nga City)
- In the forests southeast of Thai Mueang (yet to be confirmed)
- High above Watkao Waterfall near Khok Kloi (pictures available)
- In the forests of Le on the way to Khao Sok (no pictures available yet)
- Near Khuraburi in the forests around Sri Phang Nga National Park
In all locations a guide is necessary to find this giant flower. According to the local guides there is a Rafflesia in bloom somewhere any time of the year.
In the end of October this giant flower blossoms along an easy nature trail
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