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Klong Nin Beach

Destination: KoLanta

Discover a diversity of beaches on one island

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Klong Nin with its sandy beach is suitable for swimming during high and low tide. It used to be a backpackers paradise. Now  back-packer places are hard to find, they have given room to posher bungalows with swimming pools. However, it is still a great place to spend a relaxing holiday.
This is an overview of my favourite places to stay and dine in Klong Nin
 Main Beach Klong Nin Village
Baan Pakgasri Hideaway - Accommodation
9 rooms  from 1,800 to 2,800 Baht
Tel.: 075-662563 or 087-7948898
Baan Pakgasri Hideaway (บ้านปากกาศรี) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 1,800 to 2,800 Baht

Baan Pakgasri Hideaway opened its doors in November 2010 on the sandy beach at Klong Nin. The spacious bungalows are built of solid teak wood and nicely furnished. They all come with TV, aircon, hot shower and a fridge. A nice place to chill out. The restaurants on the beach and in Klong Nin are all within walking distance.

214 Moo 6 Lanta Yai Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662563 or 087-7948898 - Fax.: 075-662564

Fevrier Resort - Accommodation
12 rooms  from 1,200 to 2,400 Baht
Tel.: 075-662618
Fevrier Resort (เฟวเอรีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 1,200 to 2,400 Baht

Fevrier Resort is a neat bungalow site about 50 meters from the beach across the road. The bungalows on the right side are concrete and semi-detached thus can be easily turned into family rooms. The bungalows on the left side of the garden are made from wood built in Lanna Style. All rooms at the Fevrier Resort offer hot shower, aircon and fridge. The friendly owner has good English and organises tours and rents motorbikes. The small restaurant offers breakfast.

Klong Nin Beach Ko Lanta Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662618

Lanta Klong Nin Resort - Accommodation
21 rooms  from 2,500 to 2,500 Baht
Tel.: 075-662702-3 or 089-5231283
Lanta Klong Nin Resort (ลันตาคลองนินบีชรีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 2,500 to 2,500 Baht

Lanta Klong Nin Resort is about 50 meters from the beach across the road. It is sat in a lush tropical garden. The detached bungalows are all equipped with aircon, hot shower, TV, fridge and have private verandas. The restaurant at Klong Nin Beach Resort does not serve alcohol but the restaurants and bars along the road, including the beach, are all in walking distance. Good value for money.

45 Moo 6, Ko Lanta Yai, Klong Nin, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662702-3 or 089-5231283 - Fax.: 075-662704

Lanta Nature Beach Resort - Accommodation
12 rooms  from 800 to 2,000 Baht
Tel.: 075-697266 or 075-662604-5
Lanta Nature Beach Resort (ลันตาเนเจอร์บีช รีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 800 to 2,000 Baht

Lanta Nature Beach Resort was one of the first Bungalow sites on Klong Nin Beach. The bungalows are located in a tropical garden by the beach and the rooms are either with fan or aircon, with fridge, TV and hot water.

54 Moo 6 Ko Lanta Yai Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-697266 or 075-662604-5 - Fax.: 075-662562

Sri Lanta - Accommodation
49 rooms  from 3,600 to 4,800 Baht
Tel.: 083-3946661 or 075-697288-9
Sri Lanta (ศรีลันตา) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 3,600 to 4,800 Baht

The detached bungalows at Sri Lanta Resort & Spa are peppered on the hill in a lush tropical garden opposite the beach. They are nicely decorated in Zen Style and have comfortable lounging areas and big enough verandas. The bungalows at Sri Lanta Resort & Spa feature all the amenities of a four star resort. The restaurant, swimming pool and spa at this unique resort are beach-side.

111 Moo 6 Klong Nin Beach Ko Lanta Yai, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 083-3946661 or 075-697288-9 - Fax.: 075-662687

White Rock Resort - Accommodation
18 rooms  from 2,300 to 3,200 Baht
Tel.: 075-662721
White Rock Resort (ไวท์ร็อค รีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 2,300 to 3,200 Baht

The White Rock Resort also called Eurolanta White Rock Resort is run by Swedish Management. The spacious wooden bungalows are nicely furnished and all equipped with aircon, TV, safety box and coffee making facilities. The White Rock Resort is located 50 meters from the beach. Once you cross the road the white sandy beach of Klong Nin welcomes you.

Klong Nin Beach Ko Lanta Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662721

For Nature-Lovers - off the beaten track
Dream Team Bungalow - Accommodation
70 rooms  from 1,200 to 4,000 Baht
Tel.: 075-662553-4
Dream Team Bungalow (ดรีมทีม บังกะโล) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 1,200 to 4,000 Baht

Dream Team Bungalow is outside of Klong Nin, sat in a small bay. Depending on the room or bungalow category you can choose between aircon or fan, fridge, hot shower and TV. The big pool is handy during low tide when this part of the beach is not suitable for swimming. The Dream Team Bungalow is suitable for families. However, keep in mind that you are outside Klong Nin Village, so being mobile is an asset.

38 Moo 5, Hat Klong Nin Ko Lanta Yai Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662553-4 - Fax.: 075-662555

The Narima - Accommodation
30 rooms  from 2,300 to 3,700 Baht
Tel.: 075-607700 or 089-8662622
The Narima (นาริมา) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 2,300 to 3,700 Baht

The Narima is located between Klong Tob and Klong Nin. The detached bungalows are spread out on the hill in a jungle-like garden from the private beach up to the main road. They all feature aircon, hot shower, fridge and ceiling Fan. They are built from bamboo and wood. All bungalows at The Narima have great views of Koh Ha. The Restaurant offers Thai and Western Food and is a nice place to chill out for the sunset or just relax on your spacious veranda. Being Mobile is an asset. The Tour Counter will help you make arrangements for motorbikes or cars.

98 Moo 5 Klong Nin Beach Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-607700 or 089-8662622

Lanta Coral Beach Resort - Accommodation
20 rooms  from 500 to 1,200 Baht
Tel.: 075-662535
Not Rated
Lanta Coral Beach Resort (ลันตาคอรัลบีช รีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 500 to 1,200 Baht

Lanta Coral Beach Resort is a bungalow site by the beach. The rooms come either with fan or aircon, bamboo huts are also available. All rooms have en suite bathrooms. The aircon ones also have hot shower. The beachfront restaurant is open all day long.

77 Moo 5 Klong Nin, Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662535 - Fax.: 075-662537

Lanta River Sand Resort - Accommodation
21 rooms  from 600 to 1,200 Baht
Tel.: 075-662660 or 081-4760165
Not Rated
Lanta River Sand Resort (ลันตา ริเวอร์แซนด์ รีสอร์ท) (KlongNinBeach)
Rates: 600 to 1,200 Baht

Lanta River Sand is a pristine Bungalow site on the beach between Klong Nin and Klong Tob. The bamboo huts all have an en-suite bathroom as well as fans and mosquito nets. The beach is suitable for swimming and snorkeling during high tide. Lanta River Sand is an ideal place for those who look for peace and tranquility. Being mobile is an asset.

Hat Klong Nin Ko Lanta Krabi 81150
Tel.: 075-662660 or 081-4760165

Along the beach you can find various restaurants that are open all day.  Also on the other side of the road and on the main road restaurants can be found.

International Restaurant
White Rock Tavern - Restaurants
Not Rated
White Rock Tavern (โรงเตี้ยมหินสีขาว) (KlongNinBeach)

White Rock Tavern, part of White Rock Resort and offers international and Thai dishes in a nice ambiance.

Cafe & Restaurant
Auntie Mae - Restaurants
Not Rated
Auntie Mae (แม่ป้า) (KlongNinBeach)

Auntie Mae Bakery and Deli offers fresh coffee and warm and cold sandwiches, as well as home-made ice cream. Moreover they have a wine cellar that offers bottled wines from all over the world.

Asian Food Restaurant
Baan Peak Mai Restaurant - Restaurants
Not Rated
Baan Peak Mai Restaurant (ร้านอาหารบ้านปีกไม้) (KlongNinBeach)

Closed in the Green Season

Baan Peak Mai Restaurant on the main road of Klong Nin offers tasty Thai food in a nice ambiance.

Beach Restaurant
The Mangrove Restaurant - Restaurants
Not Rated
The Mangrove Restaurant (ร้านอาหารป่าชายเลน) (KlongNinBeach)

Closed in the Green Season

The Mangrove Restaurant is a beach restaurant between The Narima and Dream Team Bungalows. Tasty Thai Food, hammocks and sun chairs on the beach.

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